Papua New Guinea is a unique land filled with a rich culture and a full history. It is a country steeped in diversity and holds claims to over 800 languages with at least 80% of the population living in rural villages. These communities are scattered over rugged terrain, complex river systems, high mountains, vast expanses of ocean, and an extensive coastline.

Papua New Guinea has a strong Christian heritage thanks to the missionaries that travelled west through the Pacific,

who gave up their lives to see the word of God move forward, eventually arriving on the shores of Papua New Guinea. The movement that those missionaries brought to Papua New Guinea has changes and shaped the country over the last 150 years. The time has now come for Papua New Guinea to continue this movement West, through Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa and to keep the word of God moving forward. PNG is a country that has much to give, and the world is waiting.


YWAM PNG is a missions movement with various autonomous bases and ministries around the nation. YWAM is decentralised and has no national headquarters, but is held together by a national eldership team, relationships and values from the broader international YWAM movement.

Kalafi Moala, Dean Sherman and Tom Hallas came to PNG in the late 1960’s leading up to PNG’s independance doing evangelism and disciplehip. Their obedience is till felt among the leaders they discipled today and their missional message that any Papua New Guinean can be a missionary to

the nations.

David & Kathleen Tabor poineered YWAM PNG from a very humble beginning in 1983. YWAM’s training history in PNG since then has continued to strengthen our trust & relationships with the churches of PNG which has enthrusted us to be able to continue training and equiping of many believers from every denomonation, keeping our goal to reach the unreached and to disciple the reached.

YWAM PNG consists of 6 bases and growing, each base runs discipleship training schools and various other training. Accompanying this there are various ministries that are associated with YWAM.